Who We Are

420Petition.com is the POT platform of our people, for our people, by our people. We are on a mission to gather an unbiased survey of people's true feelings on marijuana - and to let the people vote in true democratic style. We leverage the information we collect to help shape new policies on marijuana, in the way the American public truly prefers.

420Petition.com is made up of a team of well-educated, pro-pot people who thoroughly understand the medical value of marijuana and aim to eliminate the misconception that cannabis is a societal evil. However, we don't want to tell Americans what to believe. And we don't want the government doing that either! So we launched this website to finally once and for all let the people tell the government what we believe! That is, after all, how a Democracy is supposed to work.

What if I Don't Like Marijuana?

Although we are supporters of medical cannabis, we don't want votes from only marijuana supporters! We are firm believers in the virtues of Democracy, and we want to conduct an objective survey that will tell politicians the true story of Americans' opinion on marijuana legalization.

We welcome all votes, for or against, and we appreciate any and all feedback from you.